Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition

Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition


In keeping with its principal mandate to promote hand-weaving and invariably products resulting from such endeavors as well as uplift the livelihoods of the country’s traditional weavers, the council is also holding several events during the three-day fair, chief among them two competitions: the 6th annual Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition and the 2nd Eloisa Hizon Gomez Abaca Weaving Competition.

Apart from recognizing the best works produced by some of the country’s weavers, both competitions aim to promote and bolster the art of hand-weaving, which, based on HABI’s previous experiences, especially with piña, has resulted not only in innovation, but also in the reemergence of what was previously thought as lost styles and weaving techniques.



Here are the winners of the 6th Lourdes Montinola Piña Weaving Competition! Congratulations! 🏆🍍

✨ Filip + Inna Innovation Award
Marilyn Almero of La Herminia

✨ Nadres Outstanding Young Weaver Award
Zairel Rebusta

✨ 2nd runner up
“Argye Pattern on Piña Seda”
Anna India Legazpi of Heritage Arts and Culture

✨ 1st runner up
“Piña Ina”
Raquel Eliserio


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