Yayasan Tenun Pahang Diraja (The Royal Pahang Weave Foundation) is a non-profit organization, an entity of the World Crafts Council, Asia Pacific Region, supported by several relevant government agencies and ministries. Through it, Malaysia has been given the honour to host the 8th ASEAN Traditional Textiles Symposium 2022, which was unanimously endorsed by all ASEAN members at the conclusion of the 7th ASEAN Traditional Textiles Symposium in Jogjakarta, Indonesia in 2019. The symposium aims to, amongst others, discuss and exchange ideas in support of the preservation and sustainability of naturally woven textiles in the region. The selection of a host country is done biennially at this conference, which gives every ASEAN nation an opportunity to become host at some point.

Jul 20, 2022

What We Do

Driven by its advocacy to preserve, promote and enhance the textile industry, HABI The Philippine Textile Council continues its programs in reviving our traditional textiles such as pure Philippine cotton and make it part of our modern lifestyle.