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This is the virtual version of the physical Likhang HABI Market Fairs. Assembled here are the contact information and products of weavers and artisans who  consistently participated in our fund-raising bazaars since 2010.  Traditional textile enthusiasts and buyers are encouraged to reach out directly to these fine craft producers.  We vouch for the quality of their products and their ability to deliver.


Kat C. Palasi

Artist Kat Palasi runs Abek Home and Culture(AHC), a small studio that produces naturally dyed fabrics of cotton, linen, abaca, hemp, and other local natural fibers.  Abek Home and Culture also incorporates hand stitching, silkscreen printing, botanical contact printing and other techniques for textile design. AHC makes limited clothing, beddings, and throw pillow covers.  Kat Palasi also makes artwork using naturally dyed fibers.  AHC is inspired mostly by Philippine culture, history and art.

Abre Linea

Anna and Joy

+63 917 890 5940, +63 917 823 5046 (Whatsapp or viber), +63 0276 236 723 (Duo landline)

Abre Linea is a social enterprise that fuses contemporary design with traditional handicrafts and locally sourced raw materials, for the benefit of weaving communities in Leyte and Samar. All the proceeds from the sale of Abre items are funneled back to weaving communities in Leyte and Samar in the form of repeat orders or commissioned designs. Every bit of support goes a long way towards championing the sustainable livelihood and growth of our partner artisans and their families

Angie Yakan

Angelita P. Ilul

Armed with weaving skills from her homeland, Ilocos Sur, and the techniques learned from her mother-in-law, Angie Pichay Ilul began her weaving business in Zamboanga in 1991, with only two hundred pesos (PHP200.00) as capital. Today, Angie's Yakan has 40 Yakan weavers.  Registered with the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), AYC has joined various DTI and non-DTI trade fairs and exhibits, at the local, regional and national levels.

Bicol Sweetgrass

Rodita Bombita

Started in 2008, Bicol Sweetgrass Handicrafts main products are made from abaca, bankuan (seagrass leaves) and pandan leaves. With sustainability in mind, we use traditional harvesting methods, and manufacture and weave our products in the time-honored manner, mainly by the women in our local community. We are a  family and community-oriented business with members of the local community engaged in every aspect of production; growing the fibers, harvesting, weaving, framing, and sewing.

Camisa Amana

Ryan P. Roberto

Camisa Amana is a Filipiniana Casual clothing line based in Pampanga. It aims to promote Filipino heritage in casual clothing by combining comfort and culture. Its design philosophy is Filipiniana Casual, their simple way of bringing Filipino traditional clothing to modern everyday wear. Camisa Amana incorporates embroidering and handwoven textile to casual clothing to make it appealing to the present time. Camisa Amana supports embroidery traditions in Pampanga and weaving in Abra, Iloilo and Aklan.

Creative Definitions

Michael Claparols

Creative Definitions is an enviro-social enterprise co-producing innovative textiles in partnership with artisans in the Negros Island. Collaborations aim to achieve long-term sustainability.  This can only be possible if certain sustainable business practices are adopted, such as the use of locally sourced natural materials, fair trade, and innovation, thereby balancing the environment, economy, and social-cultural elements. The enterprise’s continued search of new materials will always be part of its strategy.

Dela Cruz House of Piña (website under construction)

Ursulita “Let” M. Dela Cruz

As a family enterprise that started out in 1986, Dela Cruz House of Piña achieved steady growth as a producer of piña cloth, carving a name in the industry with its quality fabrics.  Nito basketry was a diversification move in 1993. Its piña, nito, and abaca items are now sold locally and internationally.   Good quality medium to high-end products, strict attention to delivery dates, strong production capability, and adherence to social responsibility are the company’s hallmarks.

Ditta Sandico

Ditta Sandico

Ditta Sandico is a Filipino fashion designer who has worked with Banana fibers for the past 36 years. She has become a byword in the local crafts community and has continually carved her niche in the international scene.

Her passion for fabrics has transformed itself into a life devoted to promoting the use of these local textiles and supporting communities that produce them.

EN Barong

Carlos Nadres

Behind the EN Barong Filipino label is a family's lifelong commitment to superior quality and workmanship in the making of the authentic Philippine barong. Over more than 50 years, we have created barong products cut from the finest materials and sewn by experts at the craft. We regard the barong as a garment of honor, and we aim to bring that sense of pride to today's Filipino gentleman. From classic formal wear to contemporary and casual attire, EN Barong Filipino excel in quality, style, and elegance.

Gifts and Graces

Gifts and Graces believes in the power of social entrepreneurship as a means to overcome marginalization and poverty. Empowered to earn an income by producing quality hand crafted items, individuals and communities achieve a dignified standard of living, gain pride and become self-reliant members of society. By buying their products, you give them a hand up!


Florence A. Ao-wat

beyond tribal arts

Kinwa prides itself in having persons with disabilities, nursing mothers, and students on different programs as their weavers. Founded in 2008, the enterprise was born out of passion and the need to market the weaving industry.  With the mission to sustain the weaving industry, enhance the weavers’ skills, and boost the tourism industry, it has  achieved its purpose and is now a fully responsible and sustainable enterprise.

Knitting Expedition

Candy Reyes Alipio

From the rice terraces of Uhaj, Ifugao, straight to your homes, Knitting Expedition toys and accessories are handmade with love by the mothers who tend these ancient lands. Through your purchase, these women are empowered to earn without having to leave their ancestral homes, allowing them to preserve their centuries-old culture and tradition of rice terrace farming and provide for generations of their families.


Geraldyn-Bonnevie Savellano

Abel-weaving is one of the few surviving traditional crafts in Ilocos Sur. “Inabel” is handloom woven following an intricate process; from preparing and dyeing the yarn, arranging to produce the desired designs, to operating the wooden handloom with the synchronized movement of both hands and feet. This was a successful project that brought about more talents and innovations, an advocacy organized to assist artisans in finding markets for their products. “La Bonne Vie” means “The Good Life!”

La Herminia

Arlyne Tumbokon

Engaged in the commercial production of  handwoven piña and abaca blend fabrics, La Herminia’s products include piña silk, piña cotton, piña shifu and abaca cotton silk fabric for barong tagalogs, wedding gowns, corporate and casual apparel, shawls, and panuelos. Piña weaving is considered as one of Aklan’s oldest industries.  To honor this we incorporate new techniques to traditional handloom weaving. Our initiative has given opportunities to 130 weavers, 150 knotters, and 6 warpers in our community.

Larone Crafts


Habi Home is a nod to the industry and perseverance of my grandparents. Working with organic materials, we strive to create simple, functional, objects that transform homes, and the people who make them. My hope is that the world returns to using natural materials in our homes. Materials that are non-toxic and biodegradable. We hope that Habi Home will show you ways where we can be greener, simpler, while also lessening your carbon footprint, starting in your own home………...With love, Jennifer Lo

Lila Lifestyle

Violeta de Borja

Lila Lifestyle is a community that produces fashion for travel and lifestyle. We are proponents of beauty and practicality for the discerning woman.

Linea Etnika

Looie Lobregat⁩

Linea Etnika is a Filipino artisanal brand inspired by heritage and powered by women. We embrace slow fashion and advocate to promote and enable traditional handloom weaving to flourish. Our pieces showcase Yakan weaves from Zamboanga City and Basilan, and Tausug weaves from Sulu. An avenue to collaborate with communities and like-minded brands who value women empowerment, dignity of work, loving local, and making things happen, with gratitude.

Ma. Angelica Rare Finds

Gigi S Bermejo

The New Wave of Filipiniana Heirloom

Our mission is to carry the legacy of Filipino heirloom jewelry well into the future. Working with authentic pre-colonial to turn-of-the-century pieces, we revive old ways to bring new meaning to modern designs.

Mana PH

Paolo Palanca

Kaya Mana PH started from a college sociology project on the history of Filigree Tambourine Jewelry. The goal was to conduct research and documentation on the dying craft.  The last master craftsman, whose family had been practicing for at least 5 generations, was the only one who continued the tradition, after many years of struggle and waning interest in the artform. Our mission is to help protect and promote this important part of our national cultural heritage and revive this dying craft.


Tina and Maiton

Milvidas grew out of a desire to give livelihood to the ladies of Aya’s Gawad Kalinga village in Paranaque, Philippines.   Without leaving their homes, they make beautiful tableware, pillows, plant hangers, baby items and other hand-crocheted, embroidered and macrame-knotted items using local yarn or cotton thread in colorful combinations.  Since our inception 10 years ago, they’ve grown in number to 26 ladies and we are very proud of the quality, consistency and progress they each have shown.

MCV Designs

Mia C. Villanueva

Established in 2004 by Mia C. Villanueva, MCVDesigns creates fun, vibrant bags and accessories.  Our beautifully crafted pieces add that pop of color to finish off a look and show off your bright, free spirited personality.   Compelling patterns, intricate textures and vivid colors, of our tropical country’s wondrous flora and fauna inspire our designs.  

Made with locally sourced materials such as rattan, raffia, pandan, sodsod grass and kamagong wood, these are enhanced by fabric from all parts of the world.

MCV Designs supports women’s weaving cooperatives in Negros, Leyte. Laguna and Taal 

Monica Madrigal

Monica Madrigal

Monica Madrigal is a ready-to-wear brand for women that takes silhouettes that are simple, modern, and easy to wear, and combines these with handwoven fabrics from different indigenous tribes in the Philippines. Working mainly with Negros 9 weavers from Negros Occidental and Maranao weavers of Lanao del Sur, we collaborate to create customized, one-of-a-kind weave designs making each of our pieces special and unique. Truly a piece of our Filipino culture that you can proudly wear every day.


Fashion, Clothing, Accessories

Pnay, launched in 2018, is a brand that turns indigenous hand-woven fabrics into contemporary wear.  Our goal is to keep the weaving traditions alive. We make indigenous fabrics so “ordinary” we can use it for everyday wear.  We use simple silhouettes, with the least number of cuts possible, to maintain the fabric’s integrity.  The fabric should be the centerpiece of the piece.  We work primarily with Yakan fabric from Zamboanga City, our hometown, as well as fabrics from other areas in the Philippines.

Raquel Eliserio

With piña weaving running in the family, Ms. Raquel was able to master the craft. In the early 1990s, she put up the business to provide livelihood for her community. From pineapple farms to weaving centers, it is now home to 30 weavers and 50 farmers, scrapers, knotters, and warpers, culture bearers for the province of Aklan. Our mission is to provide livelihood to weavers in communities, inspire them to innovate high-end products, and continue to nurture the Aklanon weaving culture and tradition.


Gloria Lim

A non-profit organization based on the Island of Palawan; Rurugan sa Tubod Foundation (RSTF) creates an alternative livelihood for women in the more poverty-stricken rural areas of Palawan by teaching piña weaving technology. The Foundation provides the physical and financial infrastructure for these women to engage in this sustainable art form. This endeavor continues to lead to innovations based on the unique looms and weaving methods used on the Island of Palawan.

Siegrid Bangyay

Siegrid Bangyay - Rogers

Siegrid Bangyay is a native of Sagada, Mt Province. She has been making pottery for over 20 years, using local ingredients that she gathers herself. Siegrid’s pottery blends influences from her own indigenous culture and the environment of the Cordillera. Her work has been displayed in over 20 exhibits, including shows at the Ayala museum, the Pinto Gallery, and the Workhouse Arts Center in Lorton, Virginia, USA. She is a regular exhibitor at the annual Art in the Park and MaArte Fair exhibits in Makati.

Silahis Arts and Artifacts

Since 1966 Silahis has been dedicated to developing a deeper understanding of the multi-cultural heritage of the Philippines and its people through a greater appreciation of their culture and crafts.  We treasure our heritage and appreciate the indigenous designs and native ingenuity from fine pieces of furniture, wood crafts, basketry and other museum quality crafts and collectibles. Visit us at the Silahis Center, in Intramuros, Manila, where you can visit the entire archipelago and learn something of Philippine life and history, all in one building.

Style Isle

Twinkle Feraren

A collective of created and curated pieces made together with indigenous and artisan communities around the Philippines.  Inspired by the 7,107 islands of the archipelago, where each has its distinct style and tradition, STYLE ISLE aims to encapsulate a collection that is reflective of this lifestyle; from highlands to islands. Inspiring travel and discovery, love for country & communities, exploration of one’s roots, whilst being mindful of culture, environment and heritage.

Tadeco Home

Edebeth Cabajes-Tumulak

TADECO Home creates with natural fibers. Abaca fiber is intricately handwoven by the region’s ethnic indigenous people into rolls of fine T’nalak fabric, using traditional techniques passed down for many generations. This distinctive fabric is converted into contemporary home accents and lighting pieces by the artisans of Mindanao. From a community development program of the Tagum Agricultural Development Co. (TADECO), it is now a globally acknowledged handicraft manufacturing business.


Lorielinda Bella R. Marte

The Tagolwanen Women Weavers Association (TWWA), now with 100 weavers, was formed in 2012 to preserve and promote the Tagoloanen tribe’s weaving tradition, help the tribe’s women weavers achieve economic independence, and contribute to the assertion of their right to self-determination. Their traditional designs have a unique, timeless beauty that reflects tribal values and beliefs. Made from sodsod grass, each hand woven item is lovingly woven by a Tagoloanen weaver to the highest standard.

Tribes R Us

Monique Cuyugan

From the mountains of Mindoro to the rolling terrain of Batangas, TRU has sourced a limited supply of weaves and turned them into beautiful and practical items like masks and lifestyle products.  TRU’s main thrust is to support the indigenous people of our country, where we see the need to show the beauty of handmade products that exhibit our heritage.  Thus, we ensure that local Filipino traditions are continued and handed down for generations to come.  TRU #supportlocal.  TRU are #proudlyfilipino.


Kylie Misa

WVN Living is a women-owned enterprise that works with artisan communities in the Philippines to co-create handmade lifestyle products in the hope of supporting local artisans and sustaining living traditions.