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HABI Is a Movement

HABI is a movement of cooperation grounded on volunteer work that aspires for the well-being of others and respects the environment. If you imagine a happy future, let’s collaborate to make that happy future happen. HABI supports the spirit of initiative and values each person’s freedom to express her/his full potential. Let’s work together!

“Cooperation and partnership are the only route that offers any hope of a better future for all humanity.” 

- Kofi Annan, 7th Secretary General of the United Nations

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Become a priority vendor in our upcoming HABI fairs

Learn how to grow and develop your own weaving community or farm Philippine cotton

Gain access to a list of weaving communities and a directory of handicraft vendors

Collaboration interests and volunteer involvement in our advocacies (e.g., HABI Cotton Advocacy) or HABI committees.

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