HABI General Assembly 2024

HABI General Assembly 2024


Last January 30, 2024 HABI held its annual general assembly meeting at the Milky Way in Makati. In line with its vision to reach a wider audience and also get the younger generation more involved in HABI’s mission, HABI welcomed its first three (3) youth interns/volunteers for 2024.



Here’s what they have to say after attending HABI’s general assembly and meeting its officers and members:


The general assembly has allowed me to have a clear understanding of the values and mission that the HABI organization upholds. I'm beyond grateful and proud to have the wonderful opportunity of being an intern here at HABI. I look forward to learning more about our cultural heritage and broadening my horizons in terms of the textile industry.

During the meeting potential textile exhibits and mini projects that the interns could help with in order to reach a wider audience (specifically the younger generation) were discussed. My goals as an intern include helping promote HABI to my peers, enlightening others regarding our textile industry, and persuading them to invest in slow fashion and work towards being a conscious consumer to promote sustainability. As a HABI intern I hope to fulfill all the tasks that I'll be given and to also learn something new that would ultimately help enhance my skills as a student majoring in Entrepreneurship.
- Awit A.


Attending HABI’s general assembly for the very first time as a new intern for the organization was an eye-opening experience for me. While I listened to the presentation that summarized HABI’s milestones in 2023 (various pop-ups on top of its annual October Likha Market Fair at the Glorietta, book and documentary launch, competitions, festivals, international connections, and plans for 2024), I gained my first insight on what exactly HABI does for the preservation and promotion of our local textiles and heritage. It was truly inspiring, and it left me in awe. More than the reports and action plans that were shared, I was impressed with the passion and dedication of the members involved in HABI’s mission. From the leadership team to the volunteers, everyone exuded a genuine commitment to preserve and celebrate the rich heritage of Philippine textiles.

As I look ahead to being a part of HABI, I hope I will be able to continuously contribute ideas and skills to the organization, come up with creative initiatives, and bring a fresh mind to the table when it comes to ideas for future projects. I also hope to have the privilege to actively participate in HABI’s projects and initiatives, such as research and documentation, event planning, and content creation. I am eager to learn from the members and gain practical hands-on experience with the ultimate goal of making a tangible impact within the organization and the communities HABI serves.
- Lia C.


Whenever I hear HABI, I hear words synonymous with cultural preservation and textile innovation.  As a new intern at HABI, I am excited to embark on a journey that aligns with my interest in Philippine culture and advocacy of educating Filipino youth about our rich history. Being a part of the first official wave of HABI interns is truly a privilege, especially as I am given the opportunity to initiate new projects and improve current ones alongside the HABI team. With this, I want to help HABI venture into new projects and initiatives that will give this organization a youthful perspective. While still maintaining HABI’s mission and vision, I aim to help widen HABI’s audience to not only adults but also today’s youth by making their educational resources more accessible. It is refreshing to witness the faith that the HABI team has towards their youth interns and the impact we can make.
- Marianna O.


During the General Assembly, the Chairman Emeritus, Maria Isabel "Maribel" Ongpin, delivered a statement to all HABI members. Her remarks were well-received and added value to the event.
The pandemic is not quite over but we are over the fear of it. Now we have learned to live with it just like other traditional diseases of the past. Keep safe, be vaccinated and don't throw away your masks. The President will give you the report of HABI activities this past year. I would like to state that our raising consciousness in our small way of the importance of our indigenous fabrics and fibers to the general public has gained much ground. Now not just the elite but all of us can aspire to participate in the tradition of indigenous fabrics by knowing about them, aspiring for and acquiring them and wearing them both in celebratory and everyday occasions. Moreover, fashion designers and other influencers have managed to present creative uses for them not only as wearable material but as home decoration. While these innovations were true and existed in the past, they have multiplied into much more. It is not that we take credit as much as to say we area part of it. I welcome all of you to our work on traditional fabrics for which we will not only learn but contribute to its future. We are in the age of modernization as every generation has faced. In the matter of our traditional fabrics we have to be creative, to innovate, to adapt and to adjust. We will work with government agencies, other non- governmental organizations like us, our ASEAN partners in traditional textiles, foreign entities who have expressed interest in participating and furthering our work.

Lastly, I would like to mention that HABI has now two documentaries on our indigenous fabrics that have been created and done under the supervision of our President Adelaida Lim who in her past and present life is a filmmaker. We also have come out with three books on our textiles with a fourth book ready for publication this year. In this way, we have come a good distance in our work for our traditional fabrics.

 We hope that you as members will take active part in our work. We have committees you can volunteer for. And our officers are ready to answer any questions or hear any opinions you may have to further our collective endeavors.

Thank you for your attention.

- Maribel Ongpin

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