HABI 2019: Highlights of Our HABI Journey

HABI 2019: Highlights of Our HABI Journey

“Highlights of our HABI Journey,” the 9th Likhang HABI Market Fair, will kick off on October 11, 2019, at the Activity Center, Glorietta, Makati City. Immerse yourselves in this three-day event, filled with all of HABI’s work throughout the year and the advocacies they support, and celebrate native creativity reflected in woven textiles, mats, baskets, and other artisanal craft.


Organized by HABI: The Philippine Textile Council, the fair has grown steadily from year one when participants numbered all of twelve. This year, there will be close to fifty-two merchants, weaving communities, crafters, and artisans showcasing handwoven traditional textiles as well as sustainable and ethical fashion and lifestyle products. The program of activities will feature loom-weaving demonstrations, cultural dances, art installations, a piña-weaving contest, musical performances, and a HABI Craft Corner.


HABI: The Philippine Textile Council was established under the auspices of the Museum Foundation of the Philippines after the Second ASEAN Traditional Textile Symposium was held in Manila in 2009. The main objective of the council was originally to preserve traditional weaving practices and textiles; but, since becoming familiar with the plight of weavers in far-flung communities, the not-for-profit organization has adopted a Philippine cotton advocacy to revive the use of cotton yarns in the handloom-weaving industry.


A learning opportunity for weavers, consumers, and traders

“More than presenting our unique and varied indigenous fabrics, we also aim to educate the public about how important it is to support our traditional textile industry,” said Adelaida Lim HABI president. “We also want to show not only our fellow Filipinos but also the global community that our indigenous textiles can be a part of our modern lifestyle,” Lim added.

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Driven by its advocacy to preserve, promote and enhance the textile industry, HABI The Philippine Textile Council continues its programs in reviving our traditional textiles such as pure Philippine cotton and make it part of our modern lifestyle.