Get Your Eco-Friendly Travel Souvenirs & Must-Haves at This Makati Fair

Get Your Eco-Friendly Travel Souvenirs & Must-Haves at This Makati Fair

When travelling, some of us make it a habit to buy locally made products for authentic souvenirs. Typically, they include food, beverages, and even textiles, which are most commonly found in places like India and most Arab nations. By buying these products, we not only help local communities with their livelihood, but also learn more about the local culture.


As we admire these exquisite creations from other countries, we tend to forget that our country is also teeming with them, even in provinces you have never heard of. If the name HABI: The Philippine Textile Council is familiar to you, you would know that the Philippine textile industry is thriving now more than ever, as more traditional weavers and their weaving products are given the love and attention they deserve. For nearly a decade, the council has been responsible for preserving, promoting, and enhancing the country’s textile industry.


This coming October 12 to ,14 2018, HABI is hosting its annual Likhang HABI Market Fair. Bearing the theme “Woven Voyages,” the event promises to be a display of the colorful textile industry of the Philippines.


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Driven by its advocacy to preserve, promote and enhance the textile industry, HABI The Philippine Textile Council continues its programs in reviving our traditional textiles such as pure Philippine cotton and make it part of our modern lifestyle.