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Futures - Weaving Memories and Innovations

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This new book acknowledges the place of piña -- the textile and the craft -- in Philippine culture through its long history and its trajectory into the future.  Authored by Dr. Randy M. Madrid, a passionate mover for the preservation of our national textile heritage, the book leads up to potential developments for the next generations.  Many excellent full color photographs -- both archival and current -- are featured in the book but of course these do not replace the experience of actually touching the treasure that piña cloth is. The innovations to come can be imagined in the section featuring the winning entries to the Lourdes Montionola Piña Weaving Competition, an annual contest that has brought about the revival of forgotten weaving techniques and the creation of new fabrics.

Piña Futures is published jointly by HABI, The Philippine Textile Council and Far Eastern University. It was partially funded by the Museum Foundation of the Philippines.