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Weaving Ways Book

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The book is in two parts: a technical guide for beginners and experts on weaving on an upright loom and a partial survey of weaving traditions from North to south of the Philippines. The first section is a very thorough manual containing simple drawings and detailed descriptions of basic weaving procedures. It provides, as well, templates to achieve various patterns and textures. This is written by Gayle Zialcita, an expert weaver commissioned by the Design Center of the Philippines to write this manual. The second section presents a selection of traditional weaving techniques practiced in different parts of the country. Far from comprehensive – only 9 weaving communities are covered -- this survey hopes to stimulate further research into the rich weaving traditions of the country. This section is written by Dr. Norma Respicion, a leading authority on Philippine traditional textiles. Weaving Ways is the third book in HABI’s publication series of books on Philippine weaving for amateurs, professionals and enthusiasts. Other books published by HABI are: HABI, A Journey….. and Rara, the Art and Tradition of Mat Weaving in the Philippines. All the books in the series are designed to be affordable handy references in full color, accessible to students and teachers